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Who Should Attend?


    •   Web programmers
       and Designers
   •   Architects
   •   Senior Developers
   •   Project Managers
   •   User Interface
   •   Mobile Application
   •   Strategic Decision-
   •   Web Consultants

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Open Web Developer Summit delivers the #1 i-technology educational and networking opportunity of the year.

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The Open Web Developer Summit will be delivering the #1 i-technology educational and networking opportunity of the year 2010 in Toronto with the help of a leading Brunswick website design. DTW is a pioneer in the Web Development industry. The opportunity to sponsor such educational website run by professionals is a chance you may not want to miss. Please stay tuned for the upcoming redesigned website.



Learn How to Leverage the Engineering Muscle of Google
in Your Own Code, on Your Own Web Sites, and
in Your Own Business

Are you up to speed on Google Gears? What exactly is Google Mashup Editor? Have you started building mini-apps with Google Gadgets? Or OpenSocial, the set of common APIs for building social applications across many websites? Do you use GWT to build AJAX aps in Java? How about Android, the software stack for mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications? Will the Android SDK change the wireless world?

That world, and indeed the world in general, is one in which Google APIs now play a steadily increasing role. The inaugural Open Web Developer Summit - devoted to Google APIs, open source and all things code, from Android to the YouTube Data API - is designed to help developers with learning how best to leverage the engineering muscle of Google in their own code, on their own web sites, and in their own businesses.

In the 2-day Summit (April 21-22, 2008), delegates will hear from leading developers and industry experts about the impact Google's multifaceted initiatives are having on the world of Internet technologies today and on what the future is likely to bring from Google tomorrow. Technical sessions will explore a world of web development and application-building opportunities.

Topics covered will include:

•   Google Gears / Offline Access
•   Google Data APIs / Mashups
•   Mapping Meaning / Semantic Web
•   Enterprise Search APIs
•   Algorithms: Theory & Practice
•   Getting Started with Google Gadgets
•   Human-Computer Interaction
•   Google's AJAX APIs
•   Geo Search / Google Maps API
•   Google Mapplets
•   Leveraging GData
•   Google Web Toolkit
•   Google Calendar & Spreadsheets
•   Using the Android SDK
•   OpenSocial API
•  Top smart contract development companies


If you have something substantive, challenging, and original to offer, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. In the proposal, please highlight previous speaking engagements including classroom or course work. Please provide references with respect to speaking ability, as well as contact information that will allow us to reach you if necessary to corroborate presentation skills. Past SYS-CON Events speakers do not need to provide references.

Benefits of Being a Member of the Open Web Developer Summit Faculty

Speakers will receive unprecedented visibility in pre-conference promotion in print and online. They will also receive exposure via the accompanying Summit conference portal for many months prior to and following the conference. Sessions may be recorded and made available via the Internet to a wider audience (at the discretion of SYS-CON Events). Speakers will have the benefit of attending the entire conference and any co-located event as our VIP guest on a full Golden Pass.

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

•   All submissions become the property of SYS-CON Events.
•   All conference sessions are vendor-neutral. Proprietary or confidential material
should not be included.


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